Prayer for the Ministry

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? ~Corrie Ten Boom

Our desire is that prayer be the steering wheel for RUF at Mercer.  We want God to direct our ministry to reach and equip students for Jesus.  The bottom line is that we need you to pray for our ministry.  Would you consider doing this?  Below is a list of prayer needs for our ministry.  Please pray for us as you can, and know that we are eternally grateful.  

Prayer Needs

Please pray that our leaders would see themselves as campus ministers and shepherds.

Pray for our leaders to learn how to do 1-on-1’s and have motivation to do them.

Pray that God would provide new leaders next fall, and that our changes in leadership strategy will be beneficial.

Please pray that God would continue to bless the ministry occurring in the large group. 

Please pray for our music team and their preparations for the fall.

Please pray that God would raise up new musicians in our ministry.

Please pray that God would continue to change the hearts of the non-Christians on campus.

Please pray that God will cause great growth in the students involved in small groups.

Please pray that many Freshmen will be impacted by our Freshmen 15 fall bible study.  

Please pray that God will raise up leaders to lead or co-lead studies and small groups this upcoming fall.

Please pray for God to give the campus minister and leaders even more opportunities for one-on-one ministry as the fall semester begins.

Please pray for conversions through one-on-ones.

Please pray for students who are struggling theologically, that God will give them clarity and a theology that is biblical.

Please pray that we will be able to raise our financial support this year.

Please pray particularly that we will be able to add 20 new $1000 donors this year.  

Please pray for fruit from students who attended Summer Conference.

Please pray that students would grow in dependence on Jesus over the summer months.